Unlocking with a Recovery PIN

Using the HYPR Workforce Access Client

HYPR’s Recovery PIN functionality gives users temporary access to their workstation if they don’t have their mobile device or if they need to replace it with a new one for any reason. Recovery PINs are auto-generated by the HYPR Mobile app and stored on the server for retrieval by an Administrator when needed.



To make Recovery PINs available to end users, an Administrator must first enable Recovery Mode on the Control Center Workstation Settings screen. The feature is disabled by default.

Requesting a Recovery PIN

In order to request a Recovery PIN, the user must contact the Administrator and provide the Machine Name and Username for the workstation that needs to be unlocked. This information can be displayed by clicking the Don't have your phone? link on the workstation login screen.


Retrieving the Recovery PIN

After receiving the username and machine name from the user, the Administrator can retrieve the Recovery PIN from the User Management page in the Control Center.

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Using the Recovery PIN to Log in

After receiving the PIN from the Administrator, the user enters it on the login screen to unlock the workstation.


Note that the PIN validity period starts counting down as soon as the user logs in for the first time. (See Recovery PIN Lifespan on the Control Center Workstation Settings screen.)