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Open the Login Settings page to manage Firebase push notifications, HYPRspeed, QR code authentication, and logs submission from inside the Application.

Push Notifications

HYPR uses Firebase as a push notification provider for its Web Applications. If you have not already configured a push notification provider for your HYPR web applications, see Configuring Push Notifications via FireBase.


Activating HYPRspeed

HYPRspeed is enabled by toggling the Workstation SSO feature. Set the SSO Timeout (minutes) to the desired limit. If left unchanged, the default is 360 (6 hours).


QR Code Authentication (Web Clients Only)

Allow users to scan a QR code with the HYPR Mobile App for a web login instead of receiving a push notification or using Tap to Login for an authentication request.

For all other (non-web) clients, users will receive the authentication request from a push provider or via Tap to Login.


In-App Logs Submission

When toggled On, users can submit logs directly to your tenant logs stream. Logs will automatically be forwarded to the HYPR Support Team to assist with troubleshooting.