Control Center: Standard Mode

HYPR Control Center Standard

The HYPR Control Center is a web-based application that acts as the central configuration hub for the HYPR Passwordless MFA solution.

As an admin, you can use the Control Center to:

  • Download the Windows and Mac installers for the Workforce Access Client
  • Add and remove passwordless end users
  • Configure workstation login settings
  • Set up and manage SSO and other integrations
  • Manage admin accounts
  • Monitor user activity and system health
  • View the audit trail
  • Create and manage API access tokens

Accessing the Control Center

To access the Control Center for the first time:

  1. Navigate to your tenant URL. This can be found in your registration email. For example:

  2. Enter your username. This will be the email address you used to register.

  3. Select Smartdevice.

  4. Complete the authentication in the HYPR Mobile App.

Using the Control Center

Access Tokens
Control Center Settings
Control Center Security Best Practices