HYPR Mobile App

HYPR Mobile App

The HYPR Mobile App allows users to log into a workstation or web account with a mobile device instead of a password.

When it first launches, the HYPR Mobile App will display a single SCAN QR button.

Once you have paired the device with a HYPR Passwordless client or a HYPR Control Center RP Application, you will see a typical three-bar menu in the top left and a QR icon in the top right. In the main portion of the screen you will see paired Computers, Web Accounts, or Security Keys, and how many of each are paired with this device. If you have no paired Computers or Accounts, the main pane will suggest you tap the QR icon to pair one.

The menu opens to show how many of each type you have paired, and offers an option to contact Support.

Topics covered in this section include:
Tap to Log In
QR Login
Home Screen Widgets

For complete instructions on how to use the HYPR Mobile App, see the HYPR User Guide.