Desktop Client

HYPR Control Center Standard: Workstation

Use the Desktop Client screen in the Workstation section to select and download the HYPR Workforce Access Client installers for Windows and Mac.


Downloading the Desktop Client Installer

  1. Click the Get Started on... button for the platform you’re using (Windows or Mac).
  1. Choose your installation type: Quick or Advanced. For more information about the two types, see the HYPR Requirements page.
  1. Confirm the requirements to start the download.
  1. Once the installer file has finished downloading, follow the on-screen steps to start the install process. For detailed instructions, see HYPR Workforce Access Client Installation.

Changing the Download Type

Once you’ve completed a download, you can use the Change link on the main Desktop Clients screen to go back and choose a different installation type if necessary.


Alternatively, use the Download for... buttons to download the same type of installer again.