Customer Authentication 7.1.0

Release Notes - What's New

Release DateProduct/VersionPlatformNotes
March 15, 2022HYPR Android SDK 7.1.0Android 8.0+
March 15, 2022HYPR iOS SDK 7.1.0iOS 12.4+
March 15, 2022HYPR Server 7.1.0Server


Backward Compatibility

All HYPR components are fully compatible across the three previous/subsequent minor (X.X) releases

New Features

Control Center IdP Role Mapping
The HYPR Control Center now allows you to manage user roles (Admin, Viewer, App Manager, etc.) through an external IdP such as Okta. See the Control Center Users page for more information.


Enforce Error Codes for Exceptions
To allow for better support and monitoring, all exceptions generated by the HYPR Server now raise an associated error code.

General Improvements

  • (API) Validate the channelInfo values when an RP Application is created via the HYPR API
  • (Control Center) Ensure non-admin Control Center Users can't access screens outside their role permissions
  • (Control Center) Remove "[email protected]" as the default App Support email on the UI Management screen
  • (Device Manager) Improve the error message shown when a user attempts to register Computer as an authentication device in Safari
  • (Mobile App - iOS) Ensure push notifications continue to work correctly after the user has clicked Copy Information on the Support screen
  • (Mobile App - iOS) Fix push notification issue caused by problem with Firebase registration token
  • (Mobile App - iOS, Android) Improve error log submission
  • (Mobile App - iOS, Android) Prevent the truncation of confirmation screen text
  • (SDK - Android) Allow automatic feature flag refresh and pending authorization check on app resume