Customer Authentication 6.18.0

Release Notes - What's New

Release DateProduct/VersionPlatformNotes
December 13, 2021HYPR Android SDK 6.18.0Android 8.0+
December 13, 2021HYPR iOS SDK 6.18.0iOS 12.4+
December 13, 2021HYPR Server 6.18.0Server


Backward Compatibility

All HYPR components are fully compatible across the three previous/subsequent minor (X.X) releases.

New Features

Role-Based Access for Control Center Users
The HYPR Control Center now supports user roles that limit access to various features in the UI based on predfined user types. Admins can apply the settings globally or for individual RP Applications. See the Control Center Users page for more information.


Mobile App Updates
The HYPR Mobile App for both Android and iOS has been updated with redesigned buttons, an improved delete flow, and new authentication and transaction prompts. See the Workforce Access 6.18.0 UI/UX Updates page for more information.

Streamline Web Authentication Experience
The HYPR web authentication flow has been streamlined to remove the extra step where users needed to enter their HYPR username after initiating the login. See the Workforce Access 6.18.0 UI/UX Updates page for more information.

Mobile Accessibility Improvements
The HYPR Mobile App for Android has been further enhanced to allow visually impaired users to perform PIN registration via the device's screen reader functionality.

General Improvements

  • (Mobile App - Android) Fix discovery error that occurs when a user attempts to unlock after upgrading
  • (Mobile App - iOS) Fix push notification issue when the user locks and unlocks the device with the HYPR Mobile App in the foreground
  • (Platform) Make minor security improvements
  • (SDK - Android) Update rooted device detection
  • (SDK - iOS) Migrate the build process to Xcode 13

Known Issues

Control Center User Passwords
Starting with version 6.18 you can no longer manually set a "recover" password when adding a new Control Center user. For existing users, you're allowed to change the password via the /cc/api/rpUser API call. However, this endpoint isn't working correctly in 6.18 and needs to be fixed in a subsequent release. Please contact HYPR Support if you need more information.