Customer Authentication 6.14.0

Release Notes - What's New

Release DateProduct/VersionPlatformNotes
August 06, 2021HYPR Android SDK 6.14.0Android 8.0+
August 06, 2021HYPR iOS SDK 6.14.0iOS 12.4+
August 06, 2021HYPR Server 6.14.0Server


Backward Compatibility

All HYPR components are fully compatible across the three previous/subsequent minor (X.X) releases.


Show Access Token Expiration Days
The Access Tokens page in the HYPR Control Center now shows the number of days left until expiration when a token has less than 15 days remaining.

Get Registered Users Count
New HYPR API endpoints are now available to return the count of registered users, either in total or for a specific RP application. The numbers are adjusted for users who've paired multiple devices. Please see RP User Statistics in the API Reference for more information.

General Improvements

  • (Control Center) Remove the requirement to click the Save button on the FIDO2 Settings page after disabling FIDO2 and confirming via the pop-up dialog
  • (Device Manager) Prevent pairing failure when the device name contains an emoji
  • (Mobile App - Android) Add the FIDO username to the log file for each registered profile
  • (Mobile App - Android) Update rooted device detection
  • (Mobile App - iOS) Ensure unpairing works correctly in cases where one mobile device is registered with multiple web accounts under the same RP application
  • (Platform) Fix issue where a case mismatch in the username lookup could cause web authentication push notifications to fail
  • (Platform) Make internal security improvements for QR Code web authentication
  • (SDK - Android) Add Strict Mode compatibility