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HYPR is the leading provider of True Passwordless Security with millions of users deployed across the Global 2000.

Shared secrets are the #1 cause of enterprise breaches, fraud and phishing attacks.

HYPR is the first Authentication Platform designed to eliminate passwords and shared secrets - effectively removing the hackers’ primary target while eliminating fraud, phishing and credential reuse for consumers and employees across the enterprise.

Customer Authentication 6.10.0

What's New?

Release Date




April 1, 2021

HYPR Android SDK 6.10.0

Android 8.0+

April 1, 2021

HYPR iOS SDK 6.10.0

iOS 12.4+

April 1, 2021

HYPR Server 6.10.0



Backward Compatibility

All HYPR components are fully compatible across the three previous/subsequent minor (X.X) releases


SDK Support Removed for Older iOS Versions

The HYPR SDK now requires iOS 12.4+ to successfully build an application that employs HYPR passwordless login.

New Features

Mobile Device OS and HYPR App Version Control
Admins can now use the HYPR Control Center to set a required version for the HYPR Mobile App and/or the mobile device OS, along with a date when the restrictions take effect. When authenticating via the Mobile App, passwordless end users who aren't running the required version will see a warning message up until the specified date, after which they'll be blocked from authenticating until they update. See the Workforce Access 6.10.0 UI/UX Updates page for more information.


Update Control Center Analytics Dashboard
The Active Users count summaries on the HYPR Control Center landing page now include trend lines and the System Health metrics have been further enhanced to display additional troubleshooting details. See the Workforce Access 6.10.0 UI/UX Updates page for more information.

General Improvements

  • (API) Add last login time to the getDevices API call
  • (Control Center) Change "Login Settings" to "Device Manager" in the username dropdown menu
  • (Control Center) Fix incorrect "Expired" status and associated server error after a certificate is uploaded on the SSL Pinning screen
  • (Control Center) Make minor UI fixes
  • (Mobile App - Android) Fix "Notification Expired" error when retrying a previously-expired web authentication

Updated 3 months ago

Customer Authentication 6.10.0

What's New?

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