Using the Device Manager

Register a Device

  1. Upon landing on the Device Manager page, you will be see your email address and the application name. There is also a box that contains all the registered devices for the email displayed. To register a mobile device to this user, click the “Pair New Device”
  1. Once that button is clicked, a QR code is displayed. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  1. After following the instructions, you see that your device is now registered.
  1. You may register multiple devices by repeating steps 1-3.

  2. To de-register a device, click the red trash can on the device’s icon and follow the instructions.

Registering multiple devices with Device Manager

The following requirements are needed to register multiple devices specifically with Okta:

If using Okta as an IdP, there is a flag that is used to redirect the flow of the registration and authentication. If this flag is currently on, then an Okta Admin must manually turn the flag off for a user to register multiple accounts. This is the case if and only if the user has registered a device and left the Device Manager. If the user is still in the Device Manager, then at that time, the user may register as many devices as need be.

Updating the Brand Elements of Device Manager

The Logo and Colors of the Device Manager can be updated through the Control Center in the “UI Management” section.