User Management


User Management is where an admin can manage all RP users. It empowers an admin to oversee the user activity and see further information details such as when a user last logged in, what authenticators were used to log in, when they were registered, what machine ID was used, etc. Here, an admin can disable or delete the user to prevent future login.


User Management is located per RP section of the Control Center. Select the Relying Party you want to see the user activity and then select the User Management section in the left panel.

Managing Users

User Interface

Select the user you want to manage from the user list.


Please see relevant terms and definitions below:




User is the username of the user who logged in to the workstation. In the case of workstation RP it is the username of the user which is used to log in and in case of web RP then it is the email ID of the user.

Mobile Devices

This is the name of the device used to login. It can be iPhone, Android, or Multiple (for users using multiple devices).

Last Login

This is the last time the user logged in to the workstation or web.

Date Created

This is the first time the user has registered the device to the workstation or web.


Clicking Delete will revoke the user's ability to log into workstation or web. It is an irreversible action and cannot be undone. The deleted user must register again after an admin has performed Delete.

User Details

User Interface

Clicking on a user in the main table row will expand the row into a detailed table.
If the user has registered with multiple devices and machines, all the details of such will be displayed in their own section.




Machine Name

Machine name of the user.

Machine Type

Workstation or Web.

Machine ID

Machine ID associated with the machine.




Device Name

This will display the manufacturer of the mobile device. (e.g. iPhone or Samsung).

Device ID

Unique Device ID of the mobile device.

Mobile OS

Platform of the mobile device (iOS or Android).


FIDO ID associated with the mobile device.

Last Active

Last login with their device.

Date Created

Registration date of the user with the particular device.


Authenticators enrolled.