Upgrading the Application

Application Upgrade

To upgrade from an older version of the Workforce Access Client to the latest without removing the current device registration, follow these instructions:

Versions 2.6.x or higher

To upgrade without affecting the previous environment, use the following command.


Example Update

msiexec.exe /q /i WorkforceAccess.msi

The above command will replace all necessary binaries and update the product version without removing existing device registration.


Silent operations usage

Either "Command line prompt" or "Windows power shell" must be open as "Administrator" in order to perform all silent operations (install, upgrade, remove). Otherwise, a silent operation will not change the target machine.

By default, silent install will reboot the target machine. If reboot is unnecessary at installation time, "/norestart" option may be used in addition to the standard upgrade command such as:

C:\download directory\msiexec.exe /q /norestart /i WorkforceAccess.msi


The Installation Wizard Does Not Update Software

Running the installation wizard is the same as a fresh install. Upgrading should be done via command line using the optional /q option for a silent install