Set Up Control Center


This page describes how to install and configure Workforce Access on a user's Windows workstation to leverage passwordless authentication using the HYPR Mobile App.

Quick Start

Step 1: Log into the HYPR Control Center
Step 2: Create a new RP App Application
Step 3: Configure the Workstation Settings



Domain Joined Users

If Domain Joined Users is OFF, users will able to unlock the computer with the Mobile App but login won't be supported. This configuration doesn't require any additional AD configuration and can be used for domain and local accounts.

If Domain Joined Users is ON, users will able to login into their domain accounts with the Mobile App. Please make sure to configure your AD to support certificate-based authentication.


AD Configuration Required

Active Directory Certificate Services Deployed within the Domain

Require User Presence

If Require User Presence is ON, users will need to enter their account password during the device registration process. This is an additional security configuration which is not optional.

Enable Security Key

If Enable Security Key is ON, users can pair security keys with HYPR Workforce Access client app. You can learn more about this feature here.

Enable Offline Mode

If Enable Offline Mode is ON, users can authenticate with HYPR when the internet connection on the mobile device or computer is not available. You can learn more about this feature here.

Recovery Mode

If Recovery Mode is ON, users can receive a temporary recovery PIN from the Admin which can be used to log into the workstation if the mobile device or security key isn't available. You can learn more about this feature here.