RDP Access



You can use a direct RDP connection to remotely access a Windows computer or the server and authenticate with your mobile app.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Pair your mobile device with your computer

Step 2: Open CMD

Step 3: Initiate RDP connection

Type mstsc /v:<your-ip-adress> (example: mstsc /v:

Steps 4: Authenticate with your mobile app

  • Wait for the connection to be established
  • Accept the certificate based authentication warning

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use RDP from the same session as my registration, or do I need to reboot?

You can use HYPR for RDP connection in the same session. No reboot needed.

Does it matter in what sequence I authenticate on my mobile app? For example, If I have the RDP prompt open and I authenticate first on mobile and then click Smartcard, will my computer receive it or will I have to click Smartcard before I auth on my mobile?

It doesn't matter. You can authenticate before or after you have clicked on the Smartcard logon option.

How much time can I have the RDP prompt open before it doesn't work when I auth 5 or 10 minutes later?

You need to authenticate within 60 seconds.


  1. SmartCard Logon isn't enable when establishing RDP connection.

User sees a login screen when RDP connection establishes instead of being logged in to the account

Ensure that SmartCard Logon is enabled when establishing the connection

  1. The user never authenticated to that remote desktop with a smartcard before, and it automatically goes to the password prompt.

The user sees a login screen when the RDP connection establishes instead of being logged in to the account.


You should see our HYPR virtual smartcard if you choose "Sign-in options"... Click the smartcard icon and press ENTER since there is no PIN.

Once you've authenticated on the remote desktop with the smartcard, it will always default to the smartcard.