HYPR Requirements


Active Directory

Active Directory Certificate Services must be deployed within the Domain to use all the HYPR features

  • HYPR Mobile App (iOS -or- Android) installed on phone
  • HYPR Control Center instance up and running
  • HYPR Workforce Access Client Windows installer

System Requirements

Operating Systems Windows 10 Pro (1607+)
Windows 11 Pro
Processors x86 (Intel or AMD) 1Ghz or higher
x64 (Intel or AMD) 1Ghz or higher
RAM 2GB or higher
Disk Space 50MB available
.NET Version 4.5.2+

System Utilization


Data Source

Benchmarks were run on a Windows 10 virtual machine with 2GB RAM and 2 virtual CPUs hosted with Hyper-V running on a physical computer with an Intel i7 8th generation processor and 16GB RAM.

CPU, memory utilization, and network utilization were monitored using SysInternals Process Explorer sampling both the HyprOneService.exe and HyprUnlock.exe (GUI) processes at 1-second intervals.

TypeDescriptionAverage Network UtilizationAverage CPU UtilizationAverage Memory Utilization
Audit TrailWorkstation Client sending the usage information to the HYPR Server. Information can include logins, registrations, certificate renewal, and other information used for monitoring.7KBService: 1.1%No impact
PingOne message is sent every 5 seconds to check for connectivity with the Server.100 bytesService: 0.1%No impact
RegistrationNew user's device pairing.60KBShow QR code:

GUI: 5.7%
Service 1.8%


GUI: 3.8%
Service: 4.5%
HyprOneService: 40MB β†’ 45MB

GUI: 60MB β†’ 70MB
AuthenticationComputer login or unlock using the HYPR Mobile App.30KBService: 3.4%HyprOneService: 40MB β†’ 45MB
LockComputer lock using the HYPR Mobile App.9KBService: 0.1%HyprOneService: 40MB β†’ 45MB
De-registrationUser's device unpairing process.9KBGUI: 2.2%

Service: 1.1%
HyprOneService: 40MB β†’ 45MB

GUI: 60MB β†’ 70MB