The plugins run in process with the Control Center Java process. This implies that we can leverage Java logging infrastructure.

The ConfigurableExtensionPoint class exposes a java.util.logging.Logger instance, which the extensions should use. The log will show up in the same location as the Control Center logs.


Logging libs

It is not advisable to include external libs like Log4j.

These are widely used and result in many versions in the JVM, in some cases resulting in class loader issues.


Extensions' lifetimes are tied to the lifetime of the Control Center. Extensions are started and stopped automatically with the Control Center start/stop.

The Control Center UI displays the health status of the extensions. 


If an extension is uploaded to a cluster, it might take a moment for the extension to be started across the cluster. If there are any failures on cluster node(s), the Control Center UI will indicate them.   

The extension status info can also be obtained from the following API call:

Monitoring in a Cluster

Each node reports its own status of the extension. An extension is considered UP|STARTED if all nodes report success