Invite your Team

First impressions are everything. Let's get your first users hype about HYPR.

Sample Email

Use this email template to inform your pilot team that you're trialing HYPR internally before deploying to the broader organization. This message should be sent 1 day before the Pilot kickoff date.

Subject Line:
HYPR True Passwordless Authentication Pilot

As a team our goal is to constantly improve our security posture as well as our workforce productivity. We are trying a new approach to workforce login that will make your login experience faster, safer, and easier to use.

That's why we are beginning a pilot of True Passwordless Authentication with HYPR. You have been invited to participate in this pilot.

Why are we looking at true passwordless authentication?
The modern day employee wastes on average 24 hours per year logging into workstations. With HYPR, we no longer have to worry about passwords, writing them down, resetting them, or the time it takes to type them in. HYPR protects you against phishing, credential reuse, and account takeover by taking passwords out of the equation.
Here's a video of what your login experience will look like with HYPR.

Who is HYPR
HYPR is the leading provider of True Passwordless MFA. HYPR lets you log into your desktop, mobile and web applications with your mobile device. Your personal data stays safely stored on your personal device.

How do I setup?
Follow this user guide to setup your passwordless login.

Additional Resources to Educate Your Team

Your end users want to know what this pilot is and why they should participate. HYPR provides resources and content to educate participants, guide them on their journey, and show them advanced features.

End User Resources you can leverage to guide users on their passwordless journey.

End User Guides to get started with using their HYPR Workforce Application.

Offline Mode to login when internet access is unavailable.

Questions Your Teammates Might Ask

How Does HYPR Work?

Can I see a side-by-side comparison of HYPR with legacy multi-factor authentication?

What will the login experience look like for Windows users?

What will the login experience look like for Mac users?

How does HYPR secure our remote workforce?

Where can I learn more about the HYPR Company?

How does HYPR Compare with Alternative Passwordless Methods?

Next Steps