HYPR Device Manager

The HYPR Device Manager is a self-service device management UI where users can quickly pair, manage, and unpair their trusted devices:

  • iOS and Android smartphones
  • YubiKeys and other U2F/FIDO2 security keys
  • Windows and Mac computers with built-in authenticators
  • Smart Cards

Activating the Device Manager

Each HYPR Device Manager instance is connected to an individual RP application defined in the HYPR Control Center. To make the Device Manager available, you need to edit the application in the Control Center by adding the required OIDC Connection Settings under the Advanced Config>IDP Management tab. See HYPR FIDO Control Center for more information.

Once the RP application is configured with the necessary OIDC Connection Settings in the Control Center, users can access the Device Manager at the following URL:


where <ControlCenter> is the base server URL and <appID> is the ID of the RP application. (You can find the RP application ID by clicking the App Settings icon in the Control Center.)