FIDO2 Settings


FIDO2 is a standard that allows your users to quickly and securely authenticate into their web-based applications using a security key, such as a Yubikey, or a platform authenticator that is built into their device such as Windows Hello, Touch ID, or Android’s fingerprint reader.

By enabling and configuring FIDO2, your users will be able to register FIDO-compatible authenticators in the HYPR Device Manager. They can then authenticate into web applications using HYPR's FIDO2 APIs.

FIDO2 functionality is enabled in HYPR 3.9 and above.

Enabling FIDO2

Controls on this page enable and configure FIDO2 functionality for your Web application.

Step 1: Toggle Enable FIDO2 to the on position. This will enable FIDO2 for your installation.

Step 2: Under Client Origin URL, input the origin that your users will be authenticating at. FIDO2 authentications are scoped by origin for phishing-resistance. If you add here, HYPR will be able to perform FIDO2 registrations and authentications at this origin.

Step 3: Under FIDO2 Server URL, add the URL of the HYPR FIDO2 server. In a standard HYPR installation, this will be http://localhost:4081/fido2.