Desktop SSO Login

Users of the HYPR Workforce Access Client can be automatically logged into their corporate SSO accounts if they unlocked their workstation using the HYPR Mobile App.

Activating Desktop SSO
User Guide

Activating Desktop SSO

Administrators can turn on the Desktop SSO feature on the Login Settings page in the HYPR Control Center.




You'll need to set the Control Center UI to Advanced Mode in order to access the Login Settings screen.

User Guide

  1. Unlock your computer using the HYPR Mobile App on your mobile device.

  2. Navigate to the Corporate SSO Login page and enter your username.

  1. Click Continue on the information screen. (Check the "Don't show me this again" box to skip this screen in future.)
  1. To complete the login, confirm that you want to open the HYPR Workforce Access app in the prompt displayed by your web browser.



Desktop SSO currently only works if you used the HYPR Mobile App on a smartphone to unlock your workstation. If you used a security key or biometric recognition on your computer, you'll need to cancel the browser prompt then use the click here to sign in manually link to exit the SSO workflow and authenticate normally.