Creating RP Applications


The relying party (RP) is your service, composed of a back-end server and a front-end application. It is required to create a RP application and enter the information during workstation client registration. RP application information gets propagated from the server to the workstation during QR code generation as well.

How to Create a RP Application

Step 1: click on 'Add Application' on the bottom left navigation panel of the Control Center dashboard.



Licensing Activation Warning

If you see the below screen, it means the license file has not been uploaded.

Upload a valid license file if you see the below screen or use the default applications. For more info on the license file follow this link.


Step 2: The following menu appears after 'Add Application' button is clicked.


Admins can either select web or workstation as the decentralized channel.

Step 3. Identify if an IdP will be utilized for the application.


Step 4: Name your application and provide basic information.


Step 5. When completed select DONE.