Branding Customization



This feature requires Workforce Access Client version 6.12.0 or higher

If you prefer to use your own corporate branding for the HYPR Workforce Access Client, you can customize both the application logo and the application background image.

The logo appears on both the home screen and all subsequent app screens:

The background image appears on all screens:

If you don’t supply any custom images, the default HYPR logo and background are used.

Image Requirements

Size and Format

Image Type


Preferred Image Size



(PNG is mandatory if the logo uses transparency)

101x82 pixels



622x398 pixels


Image Format

Other sizes will be stretched/reduced to fit the window

Image Storage

The images need to be stored locally on the user’s machine. File paths specified in the configuration must double up the backslash character (e.g., c:\\foo\\bar).

Setting Custom Logo and Background Image

New Installation

Option 1: Using msiexec with command line parameters

If you’re setting the install parameters directly on the command line, pass in the image file paths via the HYPRCUSTOMLOGO and HYPRCUSTOMBACKGROUND parameters.

msiexec.exe /qn /i WorkforceAccess_x64.msi HYPRAPPID="WindowsUnlock" HYPRRP=""
HYPRSUPPORT="[email protected]" HYPRHASH="LeM8XnCIy8+Cxm+HKTEOBZr1g3D8odQNHTH+vdu7RWc="
HYPRTEMPLATE="HYPRUser" HYPRINSTALLTOKEN="6a74ce20-2c1e-4c7d-ae9d-14be27e2c197"
HYPRCUSTOMLOGO="C:\\myImages\\hb_logo.png" HYPRCUSTOMBACKGROUND="C:\\myImages\\hb_bg.png"

Option 2: Using msiexec with the hypr.json file

If you’re setting the install parameters using the hypr.json configuration file, specify the image file paths in the customLogo and customBackground parameters.

 "supportEmail":"[email protected]",

Then run msiexec without any parameters:

msiexec.exe /qn /i WorkforceAccess_x64.msi

Upgrade Installation

If you want to add customized logo and background images when upgrading an earlier version of the Workforce Access Client to 6.12.0 or higher, you can insert the parameters as part of the update process.

The installation commands are the same as for a fresh install (see above). However, you only need to provide the new image path values. The installer will reuse the existing values for the rest of the parameters.

For example, to upgrade using msiexec with command line parameters, just specify the HYPRCUSTOMLOGO and HYPRCUSTOMBACKGROUND values.

msiexec.exe /qn /i WorkforceAccess_x64.msi HYPRCUSTOMLOGO="C:\\myImages\\hb_logo.png"

Existing Installation

If you want to add or change customized logo and background images for an existing installation, you’ll need to manually create or edit the Custom Background and Custom Logo keys in the Windows Registry.

Please see the Installation and Configuration page for more information about modifying the HYPR settings in the Registry.

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Branding Customization

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