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HYPR is the leading provider of True Passwordless Security with millions of users deployed across the Global 2000.

Shared secrets are the #1 cause of enterprise breaches, fraud and phishing attacks.

HYPR is the first Authentication Platform designed to eliminate passwords and shared secrets - effectively removing the hackersโ€™ primary target while eliminating fraud, phishing and credential reuse for consumers and employees across the enterprise.

Customer Authentication 6.7.0

What's New?

Release Date





Android SDK 6.7.0

Android 8.0+


iOS SDK 6.7.0

iOS 10+

iOS 12.4+ required after Feb 2021


Server 6.7.0



Updated Control Center Homepage
The HYPR Control Center global landing page has been redesigned to provide a dashboard for license status, system health, and administrative assistance.

Shorten API Access Token TTL
HYPR API access tokens generated through the HYPR Control Center now have a TTL of 30 days. Note that the expiry date is reset to the current date+TTL each time you use the token, so if you access the API at least once a month the token won't expire. If you don't use the token for more than 30 days, it will expire and you'll need to generate a new one.

Android Confirmation Screen Customization
The colors and fonts used for the authentication confirmation screen on Android are now configurable in the HYPR Mobile SDK to better match customer branding.

Allow QR Code Scanning on Huawei Devices
The HYPR Mobile App and HYPR Mobile SDK for Android now support QR code scanning on Huawei devices. For details on how to use this new functionality in the SDK, please see Implementing the Huawei QR Scanner.

General Improvements

  • (API) Add new additionalDetails parameter to push notification requests for passing extra information to the mobile device
  • (API) Remove HATEOAS links from HYPR API responses
  • (Android) Fix issue where a failed registration blocked subsequent registration attempts
  • (Android) Fix push notification issues
  • (SDK) Allow Java Web SDK users to specify the machineId value during registration
  • (SDK) Include the manufacturer's name in the device "friendly name" displayed on the HYPR Control Center User Management and Audit Trail pages
  • (Server) Add health check errors to the HYPR server logs
  • (Server) Add response time for HYPR API operations to the Control Center logs

Upcoming Changes

(SDK) Beginning in February 2021, the HYPR Mobile SDK will require iOS version 12.4 or above.

Updated 11 months ago

Customer Authentication 6.7.0

What's New?

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