Workforce Access 7.4.0

Release Notes - What's New

Release DateProduct/VersionPlatformNotes
June 8, 2022HYPR Workforce Access Client for Windows 7.4.0Windows (10, 11)Reboot required
June 8, 2022HYPR Workforce Access Client for Mac 7.4.0macOS (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey)Reboot required
June 8, 2022HYPR Mobile App for Android 7.4.0Android 8.0+
June 8, 2022HYPR Mobile App for iOS 7.4.0iOS 12.4+
June 8, 2022HYPR Server 7.4.0Server


Backward Compatibility

All HYPR components are fully compatible across the three previous/subsequent minor (X.X) releases

New Features

Support for Microsoft Accounts
The HYPR Workforce Access Client for Windows now supports Microsoft accounts in addition to local and domain-joined accounts.


Improve Authentication for Non-Domain Workstations
The HYPR Workforce Access Client for Windows now handles authentication for non-domain joined workstations more efficiently.

General Improvements

  • (API) Enforce a maximum height/width when generating registration QR codes
  • (Control Center) Record an Audit Trail event for all user-submitted logs
  • (Control Center) To prevent device registration errors, make sure there's always a default configuration defined when adding/editing/deleting Firebase push notifications on the Login Settings page
  • (Device Manager) Ensure the hasHyprDeviceRegistered user attribute in Okta remains correctly set when individual devices are unpaired
  • (Device Manager) If the same device is registered by multiple users, make sure it only appears once in each user's enrolled devices list (Okta and OneLogin integrations)
  • (Platform) Accommodate FIDO2 keys which have an extended KeyID length
  • (Workforce Access Client - Windows) Fix registration issue that either caused the security key option to not appear or resulted in a pairing error
  • (Workforce Access Client - Windows) Improve the instructions shown to the user on the Pair New Device screen
  • (Workforce Access Client - Windows) Improve the re-enrollment and notification process when more than one device is registered
  • (Workforce Access Client - Windows) Prevent numeric registry entries from being corrupted during the upgrade process
  • (Workforce Access Client - macOS) Improve compatibility with Apple M1-based hardware
  • (Workforce Access Client - macOS) Improve the new simplified Touch ID login process
  • (Workforce Access Client - macOS) Redact unneeded values from log files