Workforce Access 6.15.0 UI/UX Updates

Release Notes.

Workforce Access Client

Workforce Access Client

Hide Version Number on Main Screen
The HYPR Workforce Access Client for both Windows and macOS no longer shows the version number on the main screen. Instead, users can click an About link to view detailed version information in a pop-up window.


Recovery PIN on Unlock Screen for macOS
To help Administrators provide a Recovery PIN to users who are unable to use their mobile device to access the computer, the HYPR Workforce Access Client on macOS will now display the username and machine name if the user clicks the new Don't have your phone? link on the unlock screen. See Recovery PINs for more information.


The same information also appears by default on the initial login screen when the workstation is started.


Scan QR Code for RDP Authentication
A new Scan QR to Login option allows users who are accessing Windows servers via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to authenticate by scanning an enlarged QR code with the HYPR Mobile App.