Workforce Access 6.14.0

What's New? Release Notes.

Release Date




August 06, 2021

HYPR Workforce Access Client for Windows 6.14.0

Windows (7, 8, 10)

Reboot required

August 06, 2021

HYPR Workforce Access Client for Mac 6.14.0

macOS (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur)

Reboot required

August 06, 2021

HYPR Mobile App for Android 6.14.0

Android 8.0+

August 06, 2021

HYPR Mobile App for iOS 6.14.0

iOS 12.4+

August 06, 2021

HYPR Server 6.14.0



Backward Compatibility

All HYPR components are fully compatible across the three previous/subsequent minor (X.X) releases


Reboot Required

The 6.14.0 release requires users of the HYPR Workforce Access Client on both Windows and macOS to reboot the workstation.

New Features

Recovery PINs for macOS
Recovery PINs are now available for users who are running the HYPR Workforce Access Client on macOS. The Recovery PIN functionality allows admins to issue temporary access codes for users who are unable to use their mobile device to access the computer. See Recovery PINs for more information.


Show Access Token Expiration Days
The Access Tokens page in the HYPR Control Center now shows the number of days left until expiration when a token has less than 15 days remaining.

Get Registered Users Count
New HYPR API endpoints are now available to return the count of registered users, either in total or for a specific RP application. The numbers are adjusted for users who've paired multiple devices. Please see RP User Statistics in the API Reference for more information.

Improved Password Reset Behavior
HYPR Workforce Access Client users who encounter an expired Windows password error when attempting to log in are now given the opportunity to reset the password before continuing.

General Improvements

  • (Control Center) Remove the requirement to click the Save button on the FIDO2 Settings page after disabling FIDO2 and confirming via the pop-up dialog
  • (Device Manager) Prevent pairing failure when the device name contains an emoji
  • (Mobile App - Android) Add the FIDO username to the log file for each registered profile
  • (Mobile App - Android) Update rooted device detection
  • (Platform) Fix issue where a case mismatch in the username lookup could cause web authentication push notifications to fail
  • (Workforce Access Client - Windows) Fix issues with the 32-bit version
  • (Workforce Access Client - Windows) Prevent the workstation state changing to locked in HYPR when the user is presented with a Windows UAC elevation prompt
  • (Workforce Access Client - macOS) Correctly handle SHA256 certificates when authenticating with Active Directory
  • (Workforce Access Client - macOS) Prevent pairing issues when the custom AD certificate template was created incorrectly
  • (Workforce Access Client - macOS) Prevent the HYPR password dialog from appearing when users attempt to view their passwords in Chrome

Known Issues

API Endpoint Security Activated During Upgrade
When the HYPR Control Center is upgraded from a version earlier than 6.14.0, the API Endpoint Security feature is incorrectly turned on by default. This will prevent user authentication if you haven’t already altered your Workforce Access Client deployment parameters as described here: Windows|macOS. If you’re not using this feature, HYPR suggests you skip to version 6.14.2 where the issue has been corrected. Please contact HYPR Support if you need more information.