Upgrading the Application



Steps to upgrade the application are the same as for the installation, but there's no need to update the info.plist file - all configurations such as RP URL, RP APP will be overridden during the upgrade.

Option 1: Via User Interface

Step 1: Download the EmployeeAccess-<VERSION>.dmg disk image (DMG) file.
Step 2: Open the DMG file by double-clicking the file in Downloads folder.


Step 3: Double click on EmployeeAccess-<VERSION>-installer.dmg disk image (DMG) file to begin installation


Step 4: Complete installation


Step 5: Restart the computer

Option 2: Via Terminal

Step 1: Open terminal 

Step 2: Execute code below

installer -pkg ~/Downloads/EmployeeAccess-<VERSION>-installer.pkg -target ~/Applications/

Step 3: Restart the computer