Upgrading from 6.13 to 6.14

Notable Configuration Changes
Extension API Changes
Upgrade Process

Notable Configuration Changes

Notable changes

Redis upgraded to 5.0.12
Redis 5.0.12 binary is packaged with the Server Installer. The 4.0.13 binary is no longer packaged. Redis 5 has been chosen over Redis 6 since a larger number of customers are running Redis 5 in their internal hosted envs.

The install folder should look like this, with new Redis 5.0.12 packages


Start HYPR dependencies as you normally would. The new Redis pkg will be extracted and started, instead of the older 4.0.13. The 4.0.13 pkg is left in place. This will be removed in a later release.


Confirming the upgrade

The new Redis version can be confirmed via the /health endpoint


Upgrade Process

On Master Node
On Each Worker Node
Post Install


Before You Start

Please make a full backup of the database before upgrading. If you run into issues, you can restore from the backup.

Updating Vault entry

  • Go to Vault UI > Navigate to (The cluster name might be different for your install)
  • Search for all occurrences of hypr-master Example:
  • Replace with hypr-master-$CLUSTER_NAME. This the same CLUSTER_NAME which is already defined in env.sh/ envOverrides.sh. Note that CLUSTER_NAME is defined for single node installs too
  • Post modification should look like
  • Do this all all occurrences of hypr-master
  • Save vault conf

On Master Node

Step 1
Back up the current <install dir> by making a copy to <install dir>-copy

Step 2
Shut down dependencies and services:


Step 3
Switch to the <install dir> and remove the existing WAR files:

rm -f CC/CC-*.jar

Step 4
Un-tar the new <install pkg> (ServerInstaller-*.tar.gz) in the current <install dir>

# Un-tar install pkg, overlay on existing
# Do not overwrite the nginx certs (hyprServer.crt, hyprServer.key)
# HYPR_GROUP:HYPR_USER. The should match the values defined in env.sh 

tar -xvf <install pkg> -C /opt/hypr/<install dir> --group=<HYPR_GROUP> --owner=<HYPR_USER> --exclude="hyprServer*"

This will:

  • replace the scripts in the <install dir> with the new versions
  • replace the WAR/JAR files for relevant components
  • leave the existing config in (mysql/mysql-8.0.18-linux-x86_64-minimal redis/redis-4.0.13 vault/vault-0.10.3) untouched

Step 5
Restore the envOverrides.sh file from the copy made in Step 1.

Step 6
Start dependencies as normal and start services with the reinit-vault flag:

./startHyprServices --[cluster|single] --rp --enc

You should see the following in the output:

βœ…  Java version 11 available
Generating /opt/hypr/CC/controlCenterConfigV68Plus.properties
βœ… Finished writing to vault
**** Starting CC service. 
βœ…  Port 8009 is listening

Step 8
Reinstall the systemd services. Since UAF is gone, the systemd start order has to be modified:

cd <install folder>;

# Remove

# Re-install 

On Each Worker Node

Repeat Steps 1-4 from above.

Post Install

  • Reapply your License via the Control Center UI
  • Reapply Proxy and SSL Pinning settings via the Control Center UI, if you are using these