Start a Team Pilot

The best way to begin your deployment is to onboard your team a controlled user pilot.


Starting a team pilot with HYPR takes minutes. We highly recommend beginning with the Desktop MFA use case so your colleagues can quickly experience passwordless login directly to their desktop.

All HYPR deployments follow a simple mantra - Begin your passwordless deployment with the same login you start your day with. All other use cases will follow.

Deploying a rapid proof of value group begins with communicating to your team who will be part of the pilot group and how they can experience True Passwordless MFA. Pilot users can be deployed the client through enterprise onboarding processes or through direct installation with your support.

Your pilot has 3 simple steps:

  1. Deploy Desktop MFA
  2. Configure Your SSO Provider (Optional)
  3. Invite Your Pilot Team


Contact Your HYPR Team Expert before You Proceed

From integrations to metrics, our team is here to guide you through a successful deployment. At this point we recommend you engage with your HYPR Team Expert to ensure a fast and easy rollout.