Setup Your Trial

This is a step-by-step guide for setting up your free 30-Day trial of HYPR for Desktop MFA and Web Login.

With this trial you'll be able to log into your workstations, single sign-on, and web applications with your mobile device. Here's a video preview of the user experience you can expect:

Before You Begin...

1. Have you signed up for a free trial?
Sign up here for instant access to HYPR.

2. Are you viewing this guide on your Desktop or Laptop computer?
HYPR setup requires a mobile device and desktop computer. Make sure you open this guide on your desktop or laptop, and have your mobile phone ready.

3. Do you have admin Privileges?
You will need admin privileges on your machine to install HYPR.

4. Are you on a Domain-Joined Machine?
If you’re using a domain-joined machine to try HYPR, make sure you have Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) configured.

5. Are you Behind a Firewall?
If you’re using a machine that’s behind a firewall, it may block traffic to HYPR.

6. Do you have AV / Endpoint Protection running?
Certain software might block HYPR during install.

7. Can’t use HYPR on your corporate workstation?
You can always try HYPR on your personal laptop or desktop.

Ready to Go?