Desktop MFA

Use HYPR to login to your workstation without passwords.


Are you on a domain-joined machine?

If you’re using a domain-joined machine to try HYPR, make sure you have Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) configured.

Install the Desktop Client on Your Computer

Open the Welcome to your HYPR Trial email you received from HYPR.
Your email contains a link to download the HYPR Desktop Client.

Download the HYPR Desktop Client

Unzip and Install the Desktop Client


Do not modify or delete the hypr.json file included with your download.

Restart Your Computer and Return to this Guide

Once you’ve completed installation, please restart your computer to activate HYPR.
Return to this guide once your computer has restarted.

Download the HYPR Mobile App on Your Phone

The HYPR app makes it easy for you to login to your workstations and web accounts with your smartphone. Find HYPR on the iOS App Store or in the Google Play Store to install the app.

Pair the HYPR Mobile App with Your Computer

HYPR enables you to login to your computer without entering a password. Follow the steps below to connect your smartphone to your computer. Here is a video of what your registration should look like:

Launch the Workforce Access Application on Your Desktop

After logging in with your username and password, find the Workforce Access icon located on your desktop. Double click the icon to open the app.

Click the Start Pairing Button

Open the HYPR Mobile App and Tap Scan QR

Scan the QR Code with Your HYPR Mobile App

Make Sure Your Mobile Phone Has Successfully Paired

You should see a check mark on your computer like this.
If you don’t see a check mark, restart the mobile app setup.


Issues pairing? Make sure you have AD CS configured

If you’re using a domain-joined machine to try HYPR, make sure you have Active Directory Certificate Services configured.

Now Try Your First Passwordless Desktop Login

You'll want to test your passwordless login to ensure everything is working. To do this, lock your computer and login using your smart phone. Remember – you don't need to enter a password. Simply follow the instructions in the mobile app and your login experience should look something like this:

Lock Your Computer

Open Your HYPR Mobile App and Tap the Icon to Unlock Your Computer

Watch Your Computer Login Successfully. Congratulations, Your Desktop MFA Setup Is Complete.

Next Steps