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Overview of Help Desk Training

Help Desk and IT staff are an important component of any HYPR deployment. Education and awareness are key factors in ensuring their success and ultimately your success in deploying HYPR. Use these resources to train your team in supporting HYPR users throughout the deployment.

Train Your Help Desk

Your organization's passwordless journey should begin with a positive user experience β€” for your users and your administrators. This guide is designed to provide your Help Desk and IT teams a reference to help end users with setup and troubleshooting.

This guide is for Administrators, IT Managers, and Help Desk staff who are supporting a HYPR deployment to the workforce. This guide is intended for passwordless workforce MFA only.

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Release Notes

Get Support from HYPR

Your HYPR team is available to assist with any request through your provided Zendesk account. There, you will be able to view existing requests submitted for your organization and can request new tickets:

Step 1: Login to your HYPR Zendesk Account. You can access the portal at https://support.hypr.com/hc/en-us.


Step 2: Click Submit a request to create a ticket. Make sure to provide the severity of the request and as much context as possible to aid us in providing speedy support.


Step 3: Upon successful creation, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link you can use to track the support request. A Support Team member will reach out to you about your new request and work with you to make sure it is addressed.

Step 4: To view tickets you have raised or have been added to β€” once signed in, tap your Profile icon in the top right of the page and select My activities. This page provides an overview of all requests you have submitted, including information on creation time, activity, and status.



Forgot Your Account Info?

If you forgot your account information or have not been added by your local administrator, you can also reach out to [email protected] We will triage your request and help get you routed as quickly as we can.

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