Offline Mode Login



Offline Mode enables a user to perform a workstation login when there is no internet connection. This section provides the steps required to configure Offline Mode for your users.

System Requirements

Minimum requirements for Offline Mode: these consist of the following client and server versions.

  • HYPR Workforce Access Client (Windows) v2.6+
  • HYPR Server v3.6+
  • HYPR Mobile App (Android) v4.3+
  • HYPR Mobile App (iOS) v3.7+

Offline Mode Configuration

Step 1: Go to the FIDO Control Center.
Step 2: Select the RP Application for which Offline Mode is to be enabled.
Step 3: Navigate to Workstation Settings on the left panel.


Step 4: Click the toggle to enable Offline Mode.


Step 5: Configure Offline Mode settings

Length of PINThis setting determines the length of the PINs to be generated (6-13).
Number of Offline PINsThis setting provides a limit on the number of uses of offline access prior to the user needing to do an online login to refresh their PIN count.
PIN Display TimeoutThis is the number of seconds for which the PIN will be displayed on the user's smartphone before it is no longer visible to the user.
Offline Access DaysAccess can be set for 7 to 30 days. Users will need to log in online to refresh their day count for continued use of offline access.
PIN Prompt Threshold (%)The user will be informed on their mobile device when they number of available PIN uses are below this threshold.

Users have to complete registration as usual and complete at least one authentication with the mobile app to start using Offline Mode.


Please Note

In order to use Offline Mode, the user has to perform an online login to get the Offline PINs.

Offline Mode Login

To perform authentication with Offline Mode, perform the following:

User Guide

Step 1: Ensure the workstation is locked. Within the mobile app, tap and hold (long press) on the workstation's icon. An Unlock Computer option will appear. Tap the Unlock Computer button.


Step 2: The mobile app will display an alphanumeric Offline PIN.


Step 3: Type the Offline Mode PIN shown on the mobile device into the field shown on the workstation's lock screen. Press ENTER.



If the user has entered the PIN incorrectly, an error message will be displayed.


When the user runs low on PINs on their mobile device, they will be prompted with a warning message that indicates the number of PINs remaining. Once all PINs have been exhausted, an error message will be displayed on the mobile device.

The user is then required to perform an online authentication to replenish PINs on the mobile device.