Mobile App Integration

Public Endpoints

This section will instruct you on which endpoints are publicly exposed and can be used by the mobile app to trigger a device registration, authentication, or de-registration.

Endpoints used by SDKs











Facet Management

Facets are a way of managing mobile app access to a HYPR Control Center application. Think of a facet as a mobile app unique identifier that is allowed to accept and process policies created within the Control Center.

Adding a FacetID to the RP

  1. Log into the Control Center
  2. Select an Application, then click App Settings
  2. Enter your FacetID in the TCI list, and click 'ADD to TCIs'


Plugins allow you to customize the registration and authentication process by building custom logic that is invoked by the Control Center.

Testing and Validating Setup

Now that your FIDO Control Center is up and running, test your mobile app. Make sure to add your mobile app FacetID to the database. Then use the public endpoints to test registration, authentication, and de-registration.