Installing the HYPR Authenticator in Keycloak

The HYPR Authenticator must be installed into Keycloak.

To deploy the HYPR authenticator ear file in domain mode

This should be completed ONLY in the master node.

  1. SSH into the box:

ssh ec2-user@

  1. Navigate into the directory containing the keycloak package:

cd /opt/hypr/keycloak-5.0.0/bin/

  1. Start up the JBoss Command Line Interface script.


  1. Connect to the master Node on port 9990.

connect :9990

  1. The following commands assumes that the war file is located in the root directory.

If the user is ec2-user, then the directory will be /users/ec2-users.

deploy ~/hypr-authentication-provider-.ear --all-server-groups

  1. If you every need to undeploy the Hypr KC Authenticator, use this command

undeploy hypr-authentication-provider-.ear --all-relevant-server-groups

To deploy the HYPR authenticator ear file in standalone mode

place the hypr-authentication-provider-3.6.0.ear file into the <keycloak_home>/standalone/deployments directory.

To deploy the HYPR theme

Unzip the and put the extracted "hypr" directory into the <keycloak_home>/themes/ directory.