Windows x86 Support

Version of HYPR Supported

The HYPR Workforce Access Client starting v2.6 supports Windows 7 x86.
For Windows 8 and above, continue to use HYPR with 64-bit versions.


The below must be met before installing HYPR 2.6 on Windows x86 devices:

.Net Framework 4.6.2 or Higher

All supported Windows versions needs .Net Framework 4.6.2 or higher.


Note: Typically Windows 7 x86 installs may not have .Net Framework 4.6.2 or higher, so this needs to installed in there other versions of windows mostly have it already installed.

Additionally Prerequisites on Windows 7 x86 Devices

The below should already have been installed. If not, please install in the below order:

Windows 7x86 SP1




HYPR Employee Access v2.6 on Windows x86 installation is expected to work along the same lines as its Windows x64 counterpart.

Configuration, Logging and Policy

There are no changes compared to the windows x64 product.

TPM Specific Requirements

HYPR x86 support is also expected to work with or without TPM support like the Windows x64 product.


HYPR Employee Access v2.6 is the starting version of Windows x86 support. This and subsequent releases of EA x86 are expected to be upgraded similar to the Windows x64 product.

Installer Files

Starting with HYPR Employee Access v2.6, separate installer MSIโ€™s are created for the product for Windows x86 and Windows x64.

For Windows x86 devices the installer MSI is: EmployeeAccess_x86.msi

For Windows x64 devices the installer MSI is: EmployeeAccess_x64.msi