Going Live with HYPR

Go Live

Woohoo, you did it! Now that you have completed these steps, we are ready to expand the deployment to the rest of the workforce. Follow these best practices and ensure your expanded rollout is expected and successful.

Measuring Success

Continue to post email and documentation to your end users with the previous guides to encourage onboarding and adoption.

Measure user activity through HYPR's Authenticator Statistics.

Review enrolled users through the User Management Dashboard.

Early signs and alerting can be gauged using authentication data to identify whether users are facing recurring challenges with logging in.

Gauging Support

Support is a critical piece of the user lifecycle journey.

Troubleshooting user issues begins with the Help Desk resources and Knowledge Base.
Advanced troubleshooting continues where necessary with the HYPR Audit Trail.
Further support is available with the HYPR team and your support portal.

Continue to track the number of tickets and requests which come in through your team's Help Desk and Support lines.

Provide feedback where you can to HYPR and we'll be sure to address user experience hurdles or technical issues in subsequent releases.