Creating a Golden Image for VDI

This page describes how to configure the HYPR Workforce Access Client for golden images when using a non-persistent VDI environment.


Uninstall the Previous Version

Make sure to uninstall any previous version of the HYPR Workforce Access Client before setting up the golden image.

Step 1: Execute the installer with the appropriate configuration parameters. Include the HYPRNONPERSISTENTVDI=1 parameter to signify you're deploying to a non-persistent environment.


Calling msiexec on the command line:

msiexec.exe /qn /i WorkforceAccess_x64.msi HYPRAPPID="WindowsUnlock" HYPRRP=""
HYPRSUPPORT="[email protected]" HYPRHASH="LeM8Xn...G1RSP91w=" HYPRINSTALLTOKEN="0f03f...77cb6e" 

Using the installer UI:


Step 2: Reboot the computer when the installation is complete.
Step 3: Open a command prompt and execute Sysprep /generalize /shutdown to generalize the image.


Installation Machine SID or Computer Name

For the HYPR Workforce Access Client to configure itself correctly on a VM created from a golden image, the non-master image must have either a different Machine SID or a different Computer Name than its master image.

The HYPR Workforce Access Client is compatible with any VDI software package which modifies either the Machine SID or the Computer Name when a new VM is created.

Step 4: Create and distribute the golden image.