Configure Your SSO Provider (Optional)

Deploy True Passwordless MFA across the enterprise with your favorite Single Sign-on Solution.


Optional Step

Configuring your SSO at this stage is optional.
If you'd like to start by testing Desktop MFA only first, you may skip this section and come back to it later. For admins interested in a team pilot with Desktop MFA, proceed to inviting your teammates and come back to SSO integration at a later time.

Configuring Single Sign-on Solutions

Bring together True Passwordless Security with your Single Sign-on (SSO) Solutions to get all the benefits of security & productivity across your identity & access management infrastructure.

HYPR connects seamlessly with industry leading Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions fully supporting SAML, OIDC/OAUTH, and more.

HYPR includes plugins and guides to integrate with industry leading providers. You can follow the instructions below and be sure to contact your HYPR Team Expert if you have any questions.

Next Steps