Communicate to Your Organization

Wether you're a small business or a global enterprise, passwordless is going to impact your users in a positive way. Most people are not aware they can log into systems without a password. Many administrators are not even aware that passwordless authentication exists, let alone works on their system.

Having a solid foundation for educating your team about passwordless, the benefits, and how to use it will make for the best possible deployment experience.

Email Templates you can use to communicate the rollout to your team
End-User Resources for educating people about HYPR, with videos and etc.
End User FAQ contains frequently asked questions from users setting up HYPR
Onboard Your Help Desk and train them in supporting HYPR users throughout the deployment.

Do's and Dont's



Do send emails from Security and IT Managers, HR or Operations personnel, or administrators.
Do send emails during business hours to ensure visibility.
Do inform your users about the benefits of passwordless and how their experience will improve.



Don't deploy HYPR without first communicating to users what they can expect.
Don't assume IT folks all know what passwordless authentication means. Take time to educate and answer questions.
Don't make it a requirement to use HYPR on day 1. Some users need time to grow accustomed to their passwordless login experience.

Next Steps