6.4.0 Release Notes

What's New?

Release DateProduct/VersionPlatformNotes
9/16/2020Windows Workforce Access 6.4.0Windows (7, 8, 10)
9/16/2020Mac Workforce Access 6.4.0macOS (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina)
9/16/2020Android HYPR Mobile App 6.4.0Android 8.0+
9/16/2020iOS HYPR Mobile App 6.4.0iOS 11+
9/16/2020Server 6.4.0Server
9/16/2020Android SDK 6.4.0Android 6.0+
9/16/2020iOS SDK 6.4.0iOS 10+


Backward Compatibility

All HYPR components are fully compatible across the three previous/subsequent minor (X.X) releases

New Features

Customization of Push Notifications
You can now customize the title and text for push notifications using the Control Center. See Customizing the Mobile App for more information.

Improve Push Notification Deliverability
The HYPR platform now automatically handles Firebase registration token changes to ensure that Mobile App users will be able to receive push notifications. See Updating Push Notification Tokens - Android and Updating Push Notification Tokens - iOS for more information.

Log Event Correlation Enhancements
To enable Admins to better troubleshoot issues and track specific user operations, the Trace ID functionality has been extended to all authentication, registration, and deregistration actions. See Audit Trail for more information.

Log Event Correlation Enhancements
The Trace ID is now included in Windows log files and displayed in the user interface for enhanced troubleshooting.

Automatic Certificate Re-enrollment for Security Keys
Users who need security keys to log into their computer are now prompted to confirm their PIN and re-enroll the certificate 30 days before it expires. See Certificate Renewal for Security Keys for more information.

Diagnostic Reports from Mobile App
Users can now send diagnostic reports directly from the Mobile App for better troubleshooting and analysis.

Recovery PINs
The new Recovery PIN functionality allows admins to issue temporary access codes for users who are unable to use their mobile devices or security keys to access the computer. See Recovery PINs for more information.

Log Management and SIEM Tools Support
The server log format has been standardized to enhance readability and better integrate with enterprise SIEM tools such as Splunk and DataDog.

General Improvements

  • Add copy to clipboard buttons for newly-created Magic Links in Control Center
  • Add in-app messages on Android for important product updates and notifications
  • Display correct font in Device Manager for all browser/platform combinations
  • Don't allow Control Center administrators to delete their own user account
  • Don't enforce Windows proxy settings if proxy isn't available
  • Fix column sorting issue on Audit Trail screen in Control Center
  • Fix machine state update operation on Android to update all user accounts in the app profile
  • Implement cancellation APIs for registrations, authentications, and transactions
  • Implement cancellation APIs for registrations, authentications, and transactions on Android
  • Implement cancellation APIs for registrations, authentications, and transactions on iOS
  • Improve UI for PIN Authenticator process on Android
  • Increase width of SubEvent column on Audit Trail screen in Control Center
  • Make button design consistent across all Control Center screens
  • Prevent error when users restart registration flow on macOS after incorrectly entering their user presence password three times
  • Show Machine Name and Username on the Windows login screen for easier troubleshooting
  • Update colors for toggle controls on Authenticator Management screen in Control Center
  • Use generic icon for Offline Mode PIN screens on Android