6.12.1 Release Notes

What's New?

Release DateProduct/VersionPlatformNotes
June 11, 2021HYPR Workforce Access Client for Windows 6.12.1Windows (7, 8, 10)
June 16, 2021HYPR Workforce Access Client for Mac 6.12.1macOS (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur)


Backward Compatibility

All HYPR components are fully compatible across the three previous/subsequent minor (X.X) releases

Summary of Changes

The 6.12.1 patch resolves the following issues identified in production subsequent to the main 6.12.0 release:

  • (Device Manager - Web) Fix an issue that prevented users logging into Web Accounts with their existing mobile device on Chrome until the cache was cleared
  • (Workforce Access Client - Windows) Fix authentication failures for non-domain joined users.
  • (Workforce Access Client - Windows) Improve the stability of the HYPR Virtual Smartcard Reader on Windows to address occasional failures to login via RDP
  • (Workforce Access Client - macOS) Ensure the 6.12.0 upgrade process correctly reads the HYPR InstallToken from the JSON configuration file
  • (Workforce Access Client - macOS) Ensure the correct log files are created when performing a fresh install of the 6.12.0 application
  • (Workforce Access Client - macOS) Prevent the Keychain prompt displaying even though the Keychain password isn't required by the HYPR application